NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave) resources

Here are some useful links for information on what old-timers called “Short-hop skywave” or “Short-skip skywave” and what folks today call NVIS.

Here is the first, introductory article NC Scout posted on the Brushbeater website:

NC Scout NVIS Intro

Here are the three articles I wrote for the Brushbeater site:

NVIS 201 part 1

NVIS 201 part 2

NVIS 201 part 3

Here are some other links:


Romanian university NVIS article

Fiedler/Hagn NVIS article

Winnepeg ARC NVIS presentation

WB5UDE QSL.net NVIS article

G0TJD NVIS presentation

US Military NVIS doctrine by Fiedler

Fiedler and Farmer NVIS book link